Will Glee’s Kurt Hummel Be Wooed By A Soulful Rendition of ‘Baby Got Back?’


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Hello there new friend

The way to Kurt Hummel’s heart is a big booty?  Maybe. Leaks of several of next week’s songs made it to the Internet this morning, including the NYADA Apples version of “Baby Got Back,” headed by Kurt’s new potential love interest, Adam. We could describe the song in great detail, but really you just need to listen.

We will say we’re starting an early campaign for Oliver Kieran-Jones to win an Emmy just for being able to get through this song with a straight face. We love it.  We’re only feeling negative about the whole moment because it seems the original arrangement from Jonathan Coulton was used without compensation?

Another highlight of the episode is the boys of McKinley channeling their inner boyband on TLC’s “No Scrubs.” The rest of the songs might not be inspiring too much exciting from us just yet, but for these two alone we’re glad Glee’s back next week.