New ‘Glee’ Promo: Uh Oh, Girls Crushing on Gay Guys in Sadie Hawkins Episode

Blaine and Tina Sadie Hawkins

Ill-advised crushes on gay boys, oh Tina we’re so sorry.

We know we just told you Glee’s new promo images look a little like gay porn, but their newest promo for the Sadie Hawkins dance is decidedly heterosexual.

The gang is having a Sadie Hawkins dance and apparently Tina’s cooked up the whole scheme to act on her new-found crush on — wait for it — Blaine.  “What?” says Jenna Ushkowitz in the promo, and we agree!  We’re pretty sure Glee isn’t about to go there again with Blaine dating girls (remember the Rachel Berry fiasco of Season 2?) but we had a little pang of sadness and worry for Blaine (and Tina!) in the clip below.  We hope no one ends up too heartbroken, even if the straight girl crushing on her cute gay friend is a story everyone knows too well.

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