Is Glee’s Quinn Becoming the Worst Character on TV?

One of these characters is awful

Over at, an interesting discussion is brewing. In a piece titled “Are Glee’s Writers Betty Draper-ing Quinn Fabray?” Seth Abramovitch discusses the disappointing turn Dianna Agron’s character has taken in the third season of the once promising, now lackluster series that was once about a high school glee club.

In season one, Agron’s Fabray was the show’s Regina George: Blonde, gorgeous, popular, head cheerleader (okay, Regina George wasn’t a cheerleader), two omnipresent sidekicks, a hot jock boyfriend, etc. Then, her character became sympathetic when an unwanted pregnancy caused her to fall from grace and the school’s social elite. She joined the glee club, quit the Cheerios (well, she was forced to quit by a coach who refused to have a pregnant cheerleader on her squad) and even moved in with Mercedes, New Directions resident belter.

But then season three. Seriously, writers? After Finn rejected her for the final time at the end of last season, Quinn chopped off her hair. That wasn’t enough, apparently. Over the summer, Quinn dyed her hair Kool Aid pink/red,  took up smoking, got a nose ring, started dressing like the mannequins in Hot Topic displays and got an attitude to match her “I’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby” demeanor and clothes.

Whatever, the clothes and ‘tude we can deal with. It’s her storyline this season that caused Abromovitch to compare Quinn to one of television’s most despised female characters, Betty Draper. Around the third episode, Quinn decides to clean up her act and pretend to be wholesome and perfect again in an attempt to win back the child she gave up for adoption. Guess what, Quinn? When you lose your virginity to someone who is not your boyfriend (and you’re also the president of the Celibacy Club at the time), get pregnant from that encounter, then give up the baby for adoption, you surrender your legal rights to that child. Even if you do manage to prove the adoptive mother is an unfit parent by planting alcohol and other dangerous objects around her house (smooth moves, girl), that will just result in Child Protective Services taking the baby away and placing her in foster care. Seriously, it’s like you’re the infant here, not the actual infant.

So that’s what the writing staff of Glee has given the gorgeous Dianna Agron to work with this season. Antagonizing the lovely Idina Menzel, defecting from New Directions in an attempt to butter up Menzel’s character and more extremely detestable acts. Sounds exactly like someone else we know. Oh, that’s right: Betty Draper, worst mother on television. Thank you, Seth Abromovitch, for saying what we couldn’t quite put our finger on, but were definitely thinking all along.

Hey, Glee writers, let’s turn this ship around. There’s an iceberg right ahead.