Kurt Hummel, We’d Love To Hire You At Logo

Hey there intern!

Dear Kurt Hummel,

We’re totally flattered!  We heard from a little spy (okay, it was your boyfriend Blaine!) that being the CEO of Logo (our parent company) is on your bucket list.  Well, we don’t exactly have  CEO, but we think we can definitely find a place for you at our offices when you arrive in New York next year as a college freshman.  Based on the photo and description Blaine sent us, we can tell you’re a budding fashionista and we need that type of style-eye in the NewNowNext newsroom.

We’d love to have you as our Style intern at NewNowNext for Fall 2012. Our nook in the Times Square office has an amazing view, and a great cafeteria so you don’t have to deal with the masses every single day. Intern may not be as glamorous as CEO, but everyone starts somewhere.  We bet with your ambition you’ll be climbing the corporate ladder in no time.  Plus here at Logo you’ll get all the A-List and RuPaul’s Drag Race behind the scenes gossip you can stomach. And our holiday parties are killer!

We can’t wait for you to join us in the Big Apple. Have your boyfriend come visit too, he’s cute!

Your new coworkers at NewNowNext

PS – We can also help with invites to those Fire Island Circuit Parties we hear you’re interested in as well! Kisses!