Glitter Fantasy Gives A Cafe A Desperately Needed Unicorn Makeover

"If this sh*t shack doesn't put some unicorn item on the menu stat, they're gonna close!"

2017 has undoubtedly been the year of the unicorn. The mythical creature has popped up everywhere, from Starbucks all the way to the main stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

To ensure that the magical beast remains the year’s hottest trend, Cosmopolitan has teamed up with shimmery crusader Glitter Fantasy in a new makeover show set on spreading the power of the unicorn throughout the country.

In the first of what we hope will be many installments, Glitter visits a hum-drum cafe in Los Angeles that *gasp* doesn’t have a single unicorn item on its menu.

Harnessing the power of “dancing, sparkle and prancing,” our hero sashays his way through the eatery and turns the boring establishment into a full on wonderland.

Texas native with a penchant for strong margaritas, early Babs and tastefully executed side-eye.