“Go-Go Boy Interrupted” Kickstarts Season Two With Scott Evans

Won't you help Danny dare to dream?

The web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted caused a ruckus when it debuted last year, telling the tale of Danny (creator Jimmy Fowlie), a dancer who is fired from his thong-shaking gig and has to cope with starting a new life.

Here’s a refresher, with Danny’s mom (the fabulous Lynne Stewart) stealing the show.

As Jimmy explains, there’s a lot of himself in Danny and his story.

“When I first moved to L.A., I worked as a go-go dancer and there were so many hilarious stories that I always wanted to write about,” he says. Last year Fowlie filmed seven episodes about a go-go boy who turned 30 and then got fired from the club he worked at.

“It was part of a live show I was doing at The Groundlings in Los Angeles,” he xplains. “Some friends encouraged me to put it online, and so I released it as a weekly web series last October.”


He’s shopping the series to various networks, but in the meantime would like to start a Season Two, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

Won’t you spare a thought and open your wallet to help poor Danny live out his dream? And here’s an added incentive: Season Two will feature out One Life To Live actor Scott Evans as … Scott Evans!

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