Hot Go-Go Boy From “Trick” Still Looks Sexy Shirtless in Sequel

Enter you again, J.P. Pitoc.

Almost two decades later, it still burns!

Filmmaker Jim Fall announced this summer on Facebook that he was working on a follow-up to Trick, the 1999 gay rom-com starring Christian Campbell, J.P. Pitoc, and Tori Spelling, who have all returned for the sequel.

Trick/Fine Line Features

In Trick, directed by Fall and written by Jason Schafer, aspiring musical composer Gabriel (Campbell) and go-go boy Mark (Pitoc) have a night of misadventures as they search for a place to hook up. They have memorable encounters with Gabriel’s best friend Katherine (Spelling) and Miss Coco Peru.

The official Instagram for Trick 2, which is currently in pre-production, recently shared a hot new shirtless photo of Pitoc, 44, with Peru, teasing, “Enemies are a thing of the past for these two!”

The Trick 2 cast gathered last month at the Los Angeles LGBT Center for the first official table read of Fall’s new script, which is being produced by Alan Koenigsberg and Milton Ventures Media.

The reading, which marked a reunion for the original cast members, also welcomed Trick virgins such as Jimmy Fowlie, Arne Gjelten, Tara Karsian, Joe Arellano, Elizabeth Regensburger-Gonzalez, and Guillermo Diaz.

Fall wrote in his Facebook post that Trick 2 should be out in 2019, just in time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original indie, which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

In the Facebook comments, Fall confirmed that the sequel will be set in both New York and L.A., teasing that “Scruff plays a role in bringing our two men back together again.”

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