Photograph: Courtesy Agency

New Video Game Turns Australia’s Marriage Vote Into A Retro 8-Bit Video Game

"We want to see a more just and equal world for all people, everywhere," say the makers of "Going Postal."

With a marriage equality being put to a public ballot in Australia, activists are finding creative ways to get out the vote: Going Postal is an addictive 8-bit computer game that challenges players to overcome obstacles and post their “yes” vote for equality.

In the game, designed by creative studio Agency, you’re an envelope with a rainbow trail that has to get past boulders, ravines, a High Court judge, Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, and ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott (in a pair of Speedos).

“Politicians on both sides have been making a game out of marriage equality for the last few years,” said Agency rep Tim Middlemiss. “So we created an actual game to help get marriage equality through. Australians, particularly young Australians, don’t send much snail mail any more, so we’re hoping this game helps people practice going postal before the big vote.”

Middlemiss told Gay Star News he hopes the game will get people focused.

“We want to see a more just and equal world for all people, everywhere. This is an issue that should have been solved years ago—not allowing for full marriage equality needlessly divides our community, it affects people in our team and people that we care about—and people we will never meet, but who deserve the same rights as everyone else. We just want to get it done, and move on.”

At least 15,000 people rallied for marriage equality in Melbourne on Saturday, making it one of the largest LGBT demonstrations in the country’s history. Let’s hope the turnout in the survey is as strong.

David Goldberg is an associate editor at Time Out New York, where he covers comedy, LGBT and Things to Do.