“Golden Girls” Is Kinda Getting A Remake, But With Dudes

cheesecake golden girls

If you loved Golden Girls, but found the show to be a little lacking in the dude department, get excited friends, as ABC is developing a new comedy about some old guys reconnecting and talking all about sex and stuff. The show is still untitled, but we shall refer to it as Golden Girls 2: Daytona Beach Dudes.

According to Deadline the show, from The Neighbors creator Dan Fogelman and The George Lopez Show co-creator Robert Borden, will be about three bros in their 60s who used to shoot hoops together and come back together later in life, discovering they have” a lot to learn about love and friendship.” One is slutty, one is dumb and one is a retired English teacher who sometimes works as a substitute teacher, we assume. Oh, and they love cheesecake and shoulder pads.

Now it obviously will not be anywhere near as good as Golden Girls, this we are certain of, but if we could make one of these dudes gay we would totally be all about this show.

And, of course, for your daily does of Golden Girls, head here to watch a few episodes.

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