Goldfrapp Teases New Album, “Tales Of Us,” With Arty, Nude Short: WATCH

Goldfrapp – Drew from Mute on Vimeo.

Alison Goldfrapp won’t be dropping her new album, Tales of Us, until September 10, but fans can get a taste of what’s in store with this short from director Lisa Gunning promoting “Drew,” the album’s lead single.

A press release explains the concept album:

 All the songs bar one are named in the first person with a cast list of evocative character sketches, the contrary love affairs, the suspense, hallucinations, fairy tales and modern folklores documented and the traces of redemption they find in song take the poetry of Goldfrapp’s delicately considered music somewhere brand new.

If you’re craving more Goldfrapp, you better hurry and buy some plane tickets—the group is hitting the Manchester International Festival on July 17.<

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