Google No Longer Outting Celebs

The news that Google developed Gaydar, providing a best guess when a question over a celebrity’s sexuality was asked, was kind of a bust. Basically, if someone had stated in an interview they were gay, Google would reveal that the best guess was they were gay. But they were not the folks anyone wonders about.

Elton John is gay. Bruce Willis is straight. Kevin Spacey? No answer. Chely Wright, who came out on the cover of People? No answer.

And now, it is gone.

Upon revisiting to see if I could determine if Google thought Bert and Ernie were gay, I got no response. Fine, they are puppets. Maybe Google doesn’t want to out puppets, which is very, very noble of them.

Then, I tried a few celebs that were openly bisexual and got no answers, gay or straight. Fine, maybe Google can’t figure out people who enjoy a two-lane road.

Finally, confused, I typed in Jake Gyllenhaal, who Google told me was straight when I first checked and, again, nothing. Then Lance Bass, who of course would fall under gay, and nothing. Google had removed their Gaydar!

It is a sad, sad day when a search engine is no longer capable of telling everyone their guess as to whether or not a person is gay or straight. What better and more trustworthy source, and who wouldn’t want to be outed online?!

It seems like Google may have realized this wasn’t the greatest idea they ever had, which is smart of them. Also, they weren’t really shocking anybody with their responses.

That being said, does anyone have any idea about Bert and Ernie?