‘Gossip Girl’ Style Lessons: The Revengers

This week kind of felt like a cross over episode of Gossip Girl since everyone was tied up in police antics and I’m pretty sure they used the Law and Order: SVU set for this sit down between Nate and his dad.

“Isn’t it nice of Ice-T to let us squat in here for this scene?”

This wasn’t even the most exciting part. It was the last few seconds of the episode, when Bart Bass died, again, this time for realsies.

Chuck watched his father slip off the building, and we can confirm he died by the preview where a blanket goes over a corpse.

But enough of this ridiculous plot summary, it’s time to get to the fashion. It was the penultimate episode of Gossip Girl and, we have to admit — everyone really served up some awesome style this episode.

Class is in session, upper east siders:

1. We can’t stress enough how bitches must wear spikes.
Every week Georgina Sparks looks fierce with some sort of spiky jewelry. This thorny shoulder look helps you tell the world, “Don’t even side hug me or you’ll get cut, bitch.”

Georgina Gossip Girl Spike Shoulder Dress

Georgina’s prickly persona graduated from spike jewelry and studded jackets to full on hedgehog shoulders.

2. Wear a little bit of lace on everything this season.
As Serena packs for her secret trip to Los Angeles so she can escape her bad press (because there’s no paparazzi or problems in L.A.!), she wore an outfit that was rather noteworthy. While the shirt is a little lacking, the lace skirt and tights compliment one another well. Also, incorporating a little bit of lace on each piece of clothing is sexy without being slutty.

Blake Lively Gossip Girl Season 6 Final Season

These lace pieces on my shirt are oddly placed, don’t you think?

3. When you and your gal pals go to a gala to ruin someone’s life – wear something sparkly.
It’s a Care Bear stare of bitchiness that the ladies of Gossip Girl are serving, and each one has a chance to shine. The only one that doesn’t look fabulous is the youngest girl (on the far right), Sage, who looks way too old in that all sequin gown. Her and Blair should’ve switched dresses, but apparently on the upper east side looking like a young Blanche Devereaux is what the kids are into.

Wanna switch outfits with me or is Big Daddy gonna get mad since he bought you that dress?

4. Statement pieces are so last year, this year it’s all about exclamation pieces.
Sure, we were all excited by Pantone’s color of the year as emerald, but no one as much as Georgina Sparks. This necklace is giant, and while it didn’t slow down her propensity for bitchery, it did make us do a double take. And if that didn’t catch your eye there’s also a giant cuff bracelet that screams for your attention.

Look at my amazing jewelry. LOOK AT IT!

5. Couples should always pick an accent color to share.
Is there any love greater than Chuck and Blair? Of course there is. But is there any couple more stylish? Perhaps the Beckhams. But really these two know how to dress together. Blair has this bright dress with purple stars and Chuck’s purple shirt really helps draw your eye back and forth between this crazy couple.

Chuck and Blair Gossip Girl Season 6 Wedding

We go together like style and grace.

That’s all for this week. Tune in next week when we will hopefully show you beautiful wedding gowns from both Blair and Serena.

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