Gossip Girl Style Lessons: Where The Vile Things Are

It was another boring episode of Gossip Girl; Serena and Dan are back together, Blair’s mom came home to school her on fashion design, and a bunch of characters got together for an art auction where a paint was sold with incriminating documents on Chuck’s dad..snore. While the story was trite, the fashions were some of the strongest of the season. Students, let’s get ready to WERK on some style lessons.

1. Don’t toss animal print blankets on the bed, put them around your body.

That awkward moment when your mom shows up wearing a blanket.

When Blair’s mom comes home she looks kinda crazy in this throw. Is this a trend we can expect to see more of, Animal print blanket/drapes for winter? I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it, but it does make it easier to crash at pals places on those cold, drunken nights. When it comes down to it though, Blair’s mom knows how to get the job done.

Honey the key to being a great fashion designer is easy: Stay in your office with giant Picasso books and a Martini.

And this dress is pretty great – it’s like a Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince day wear look that goes great with our favorite accessory, a martini.

2. If you’re going to New York City, be sure to wear a boutineer

Chuck is choking out his lines in this scene, but that boutineer is stealing all focus

Guys, you heard it hear first, the blue bunched flower boutineer is ridiculous for everyday, but this could be useful for prom time. It’s a nice spin on a carnation.

3.  As crazy as she is, always look to Serena for style tips.

Is there anything not stylish about this picture?

The bag, that long cardigan that ties in the back, and a Vespa? Serena is serving us fierce fall fashions.

The best part of Serena’s outfit though, was a giant necklace that would put Countless LuAnn to shame.

Sure, Serena’s face says, “I’m sucking on lemons,” but who notices with that beautiful chunky necklace?

4. If you’re going to be the bitch at the art show, you might as well dress like Ke$ha

Silver-studded Bitch

We’re not really sure what Ivy’s game is, but what we do know is that this is her best bitchy look yet. Giant hair, dark makeup, and silver-studded dress that is reminiscent of Ke$ha. Take this girl to a library, she’s ready to read!

5. Light yellow is in and we just can’t get enough.

It started this season with that amazing yellow dress that Serena wore, and now this coat that Blair has on confirms it. Let’s all run out and get light yellow clothing for summer and toss our whites to the back of the closet.

This coat is not only well cut, and a great color, there’s a silver trim. WERK Blair!

That’s what we learned this week. Next week, we’ll probably be bored to death by the story, but let’s hope they tackle something like boots, or clutches in the costuming department. Would that be fetch?

Sue Funke is the social media writer for NewNowNext, After Elton and After Ellen. Her favorite Monday evening show is RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race.