Gossip Girl Style Lessons: It’s Really Complicated

Last week we didn’t have a style recap because we were far too busy watching the finale of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race and celebrating our new queen of all queens. Luckily, we missed nothing on Gossip Girl except for this fierce look from Serena:

Serena Gossip Girl Blake Lively Cut-out Dress

Was Serena a super hero or a Bond girl last week?

This week was Thanksgiving on Gossip Girl and we learned all about fall fashion and togetherness. Okay, maybe just the fashion part. Let’s get down to today’s lessons:

1. For Thanksgiving you should wear something really sparkly, or nothing at all.
The costume department must have paid a pretty penny for Lily’s dress last night because there were a lot of shots with the camera panning over the detail of it. Couture gowns are perfect for an upscale “impromptu” Thanksgiving. We assume there is an elastic waist sewn in for turkey comfort.

Lily Gossip Girl Thanksgiving Spread

Don’t Spill Any Gravy On This, It Is Approximately Worth Twice Your Annual Salary

And if you don’t want to put a ton of jewels on for Thanksgiving, go native! Blair was supposed to look like a stripper to get Chuck to come to dinner with everyone. This is not only an interesting look, but something to keep in your playbook next time your significant other doesn’t want to go home for the holidays.

This is really what Thanksgiving is all about.

2. The latest look for bitches is bling.
Oh, that evil little sister of Buffy, ahem, we mean Georgina Sparks Resident B in NYC. She’s always got some fierce fashion to show that she is queen bitch. This week she is still trying to manipulate Dan’s book about all the upper east siders…which is basically all she’s done this season. While her story line is a total snooze, her outfit was killer. Those golden glasses make her punk jacket seem totally normal outside of the east village.

Gossip Girl Sunglasses Georgina Sparks

Georgina Sparks: Sparkles and Spikes Forever

When Georgina takes off her studded jacket she reveals a beautiful sparkle dress that has room for seconds with it’s loose waist cut. Now, that is something that says Thanksgiving. Shine on you crazy bitch.

Georgina Sparks Wine Drinker Thanksgiving Toast Bitch

Her shiny dress is almost too much for Dan to take.

3. If you’re going to creepily watch your best friend make out with a teenager, wear a bowtie.
Chuck Bass, you always know the correct time to put a bowtie on it.

“It’s okay you can watch” says the high school girl. “She’s a keeper.” – sample of fabulous ’Gossip Girl’ dialogue.

4. If you want a story line, you have to let the ’90s alternative look go.
Rufus, dude, this look was awful even in the 1990s. Lisa Loeb wouldn’t even bang you with fake glasses on.

He’s closing his eyes and dreaming of a role where he doesn’t have to dress like such a tool.

That’s all for this week class. How many more episodes of this must we sit through until someone gets married in a fabulous wedding gown and ends the series forever? Just two more. We can do it, we can make it through.

Sue Funke is willing to watch a lot of things for fashion. She’s seen every season of Project Runway and lasted through the entire two hours of the Lifetime Original Movie Liz and Dick. She tweets for NewNowNext, After Elton and After Ellen and sometimes even for herself.

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