“Grace and Frankie” Break Into RuPaul’s House in New Season 5 Trailer

And he is NOT happy about it.

Jane Fonda and RuPaul are friends in real life, but in the trailer for the new season of Grace and Frankie, he is not having it with the titular characters—played by Fonda and Lily Tomlin, respectively—as they break into Ru’s house.

Well, it’s actually Grace and Frankie’s house, their kids are just trying to sell it against their wishes, but in the new preview, Ru doesn’t care whether it is really theirs or not when he finds them breaking and entering as he is touring the house.

It was announced almost a year ago that Ru would guest star on the Netflix original series as Benjamin Le Day, a “formidable and quick-witted adversary” to the series’ leading duo.

So not only will the queen of all queens be on the Netflix series, but he will be pitted against Tomlin and Fonda?

We thought we couldn’t be more excited after Grace and Frankie added Lisa Kudrow for the fourth season, but now we are absolutely gagging at the thought of Mama Ru sharing scenes with the two legendary actresses—and it looks like he is not playing around.

Sadly, judging from the trailer there is still no Dolly Parton cameo for that long-promised 9 to 5 reunion, but a RuPaul guest stint is the next best thing.

Grace and Frankie Season 5 hits Netflix on January 18.

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