After Years of Bullying, Engineering Student Accepts Diploma In Dress And Heels

"Either you accept me as I am or you will be exposed for what you really are."

One bullied university student got the last laugh on his homophobic school when he arrived at graduation wearing a dress and heels instead of the requisite suit.

Openly gay student Talles de Oliveira Faira showed up to accept his engineering diploma from Brazil’s prestigious Aeronautic Technology Institute of the Air Force in a mini-dress as a protest against the years of ridicule he’d endured at the academy.


“Since I was 12 years old I listened to wonderful things about the Institute,” the 24-year-old student wrote on social media.

“I heard that it was the best university in the country and that it could open you several opportunities in the future. The institute was my dream,” he continued. “I did not know that it was going to be the worst deception of my life.”

For Faira, this deception came in the form of constant shaming and discrimination from students and staff because of his sexuality: “They insulted me, they laughed at me and tried to make me invisible.”


While the future engineer might’ve felt invisible throughout his four years at the academy, when he showed up to graduation day in his bright red frock and white pumps, he did anything but fade into the background.

“When I arrived at the institute I decided that it was enough,” he concluded in his post. “Either you accept me as I am or you will be exposed for what you really are.”

Watch him strut his stuff at the ceremony below.

h/t: Metro

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