Grandma Smacks Down Son’s Anti-LGBT Nonsense With Perfect Comeback

Who says there's no such thing as "woke" seniors?

An 88-year-old grandmother was having none of her son’s casual homophobic and transphobic rhetoric and shut him down with a beautiful and simple response. The story, shared by the woman’s grandchild, has gone viral.

Twitter user @MinovskyArticle said their father was complaining that “LGBTQIA+ identities were getting too confusing to keep up with.”

That’s when grandma jumped in to show her son that he wasn’t done learning important lessons from her.

“The way things are now is better than when people had to hide away or killed themselves because nobody understood who they were. Respect costs you nothing,” she told him.

Some had a hard time believing the story, suggesting a woman born some 40 years or so before the Stonewall Uprising couldn’t possibly hold such a progressive opinion as, “LGBT people aren’t hurting you, mind your business.”

The grandchild explained that while they wouldn’t go so far as to call their grandmother “woke,” she has “bi and trans grandkids, and has been open minded and willing to learn if it means her family is happy. That’s all any of us can really ask for.”

Others helped dispel the doubts of progressively minded old folks by sharing their own stories of having LGBT-affirming grandparents.

Let’s hear it for all the open minded grandparents of the world who show acceptance knows no age limit.

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