Grant Gustin Pens Open Letter To Fans Pitting Him Against New Flash Ezra Miller

"I've never met the guy, but I think he is a fantastic and interesting actor."

It’s small screen Flash versus big screen Flash, at least that’s what some fans want to believe, pitting CW’s The Flash star Grant Gustin against his big screen counterpart, played by Ezra Miller.

Though Miller won’t make his big screen debut as Barry Allen AKA The Flash until March’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, many fans, including his co-star Stephen Amell, feel that Gustin should assume the role based off of his tenure playing the role on the small screen.

For reasons not specified (likely scheduling), director Zack Snyder, who in addition to Batman v Superman will direct the upcoming Justice League films, opted to cast Ezra Miller in the role.

Gustin, feeling backed into a corner, took to Twitter to clarify his stance on the controversial casting.

You hear the guy? Everyone chill and be nice!