“Great British Bake Off” Star Fighting Trans Military Ban By Baking Cakes

“Inside this cake might be the trans pride flag, but on the outside it is in uniform because solider has no gender."

Thomas Gilliford was a contestant on the seventh season of The Great British Bake Off (or The Great British Baking Show, as it is known on this side of the pond), and now he is using his baking to bring awareness to Donald Trump’s trans military ban in the United States.

Gilliford has released a free recipe for his cake, Soldier’s Sponge. The sponge of the cake is pink, blue and white—the colors of the transgender flag—and the outside of the cake has green frosting for a soldier’s uniform, and decorated with the symbol for transgender.

“The 45th president of the United States wants to ban Trans people from the military. It is the responsibility of everyone to resist this bigoted attack on those that serve their country,” Milliford wrote in a statement accompanying the recipe.

“Inside this cake might be the trans pride flag, but on the outside it is in uniform – because solider has no gender. You can help but donating to the ACLU today.”

This is not the first time Gilliford has used his baking skills for political reasons. During the snap election in the U.K. earlier this year he released a recipe for his “Biscuitfesto,” which had phrases printed on the cookies like “Vote Kindness” and “Human Rights.”

Trump officially issued guidance to the Pentagon last week, ordering Secretary of Defense James Mattis to implement the ban by March 23, 2018. It’s believed current service members will be able to complete their enlistment, though the military will cease funding transition-related medical expenses and end efforts to recruit new transgender personnel.

Two lawsuits, one filed by the ACLU, have already been filed—both maintain the ban is a violation of the due-process and equal-protection clauses of the Constitution.

The new season of The Great British Bake Off premiered this week on Channel 4 in the U.K.

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