Green Lantern Going Gay?

Nice staff.

Lest DC Comics be one-upped by Marvel and their upcoming gay nuptials in the X-Men series, they have revealed that a major comic character will be coming out of the closet — and it is looking like it may be Green Lantern. We probably should have known with a flaming name like that…

A sourced told MTV Geek, “it might be Alan Scott, and the issue Earth Two #2, hitting stands June 6th.” For those who are unaware (us), “Scott was the original ’Golden Age’ Green Lantern, who had many modern adventures as part of the Justice Society. With the New 52 reboot, a new Scott was recently introduced in the Earth Two series: a young and dynamic head of business in the Tony Stark mold.” This is different from Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern played by Ryan Reynolds in the film no one saw.

Read more about the upcoming outing here, and let us all hope that a new film will soon be made starring Channing Tatum as Alan Scott. Or Logan Marshall Green. We’re not super particular.

Could A Green Lantern Be The DC Character Set To Come Out Of The Closet? [MTV Geek]