Gregory Dillon Conjures Up Some “Sad Magic” in Dreamy New Music Video

It's the "synth pop gay film" we've been waiting for.

Over the past year, singer Gregory Dillon has consistently released dreamy, synth-y singles like “Plastic Ferrari” and “Lovely.” Now, the out crooner cutie has collected his bops into a new EP, Sad Magic, and NewNowNext has the pleasure of premiering the titular track’s moody music video.

“When approaching this video, I wanted to hold a mirror up to my past,” Dillon says of the inspiration behind “Sad Magic”’s suburban-set visuals. “I grew up near this small amusement park in the suburbs and remember one night going through the house of mirrors with my friends; as we each took turns going through alone, I stepped inside the glass maze and was completely transported.”

Jake Sofaer

“After a few minutes of being lost, I found myself standing in a large room with a million self-reflections looking directly at me. As an insecure teen, I often found it uncomfortable to look in the mirror, yet here I was displayed all around me. I don’t know why, but something in that vulnerable moment made me feel very protected,” he explains. “If anything, this video is trying to show that universal maze we all find ourselves walking through.”

The “Sad Magic” music video also features a blue rose, which… catches on fire?

“Honestly, the rose is a vague gift to both the viewer and teenage Gregory, who are stepping back into this lost world with me,” Dillon explains. “I hope it reads sadly beautiful!”

The singer has made a video for each track on Sad Magic, with the final one, “Sunset,” coming in early 2021. Dillon admits the videos were a “monstrous undertaking” but says it was “so rewarding getting to paint every aspect of this nostalgia. Being able to reveal this heavenly but also very mundane story is something people could relate to.”

Mixing the heavenly with the mundane?! We’re listening. Check out the “Sad Magic” music video below.

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