Grimes’ Pop Takeover Is Here With Blood Rave-Inspired “Kill V. Maim” Video

The singer/songwriter/producer directed the video with her brother.

Singer, songwriter, editor, producer, artist and director, is there anything Claire Boucher can’t do?

The music prodigy – better known by her stage name Grimes – just dropped the new video for her song “Kill V. Maim,” which she co-directed with her brother Mac, from her critically acclaimed album Art Angels.

“Kill V. Maim” is the third chapter in Grimes’ Art Angels era, preceded by a double music video for lead single “Flesh without Blood” and interlude “Life in the Vivid Dream.”

Those videos saw the songstress dancing through a series of costumes, including one resembling Marie Antoinette drenched in fake blood.


Her latest single sees the music wunderkind driving through the streets of a vibrant, sci-fi seeming dystopia and attending a bloody rave with some ominous winged creatures.

It sounds crazy, and it is, but it works. The bleacher stomping banger has a crazy premise, which Boucher describes as Al Pacino’s Godfather character becoming a gender-swapping vampire.

“You gave up being when you declared a state of war!” She declares over an irresistible booming synth accompaniment, making us all want to shout and scream along with her.


Much like its parent album, it’s a thrilling addition into the pop cannon. Grimes is taking us into the future, making music that sounds unapologetically unlike anything we’ve ever heard before. The accompanying video matches the song’s crazy, vibrant energy with the highly-arresting images that fans have come to expect from a Grimes production.

This is hardly Boucher’s first time sitting in the director’s chair, having directed all of her own music videos, dating back to her very first for the song “Genesis” from her game changing album, Visions.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of influences, Grimes defies many of the norms we have come to associate with gender. The artist has even tweeted on the subject, saying that she, “vibes in a gender neutral space.”

If that weren’t enough, she also designs the single and album art, writes and mixes all of her own songs. She is an artist in charge of her own image and art, a highly refreshing thing in the music industry.

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