People Read Real Grindr Messages Poz Guys Get: “You Should Be Ashamed, You’re A Walking Disease”

Warning: Contains explicit and disturbing content.

A heartbreaking new video released by HIV Foundation Queensland is shining a spotlight on the devastating stigma that people living with HIV often face while trying to date.

The new campaign, Real Conversations of Grindr, is hoping to illuminate how damaging that stigma can be by having people read real conversations that took place between HIV-positive and HIV-negative people on the app.

The conversations begin with the usual Grindr flirting, but they take an alarming turn once the guys realize they’re talking to someone with HIV.

“What the fuck’s wrong with you?” asked one irate user. “Why are you on here with your disease?”

Many of the people asked to participate in the reading were shocked into silence, unable to believe the cruel words they were being asked to say.

Sadly, that’s a reality that’s all too common for HIV-positive people, who often find that the stigma is worse than the virus itself.

Check out the video and head to the campaign website to learn more about how you can help fight stigma against HIV.


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