Grindr Launches Custom Emojis And They’re Hilariously Naughty

Who knew there were so many ways to draw an eggplant?

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then these Grindr emojis are a real mouth full.

The social app just released Grindr-themed emojis with its latest update this week, helping you get to your hookup even faster by not forcing you to waste time typing pesky words and sentences.


No stone was left unturned for the rollout, with cartoon drawings now available to share your sexual preferences, positions and piercings.

grindr eggplant

Instantly let someone know if you prefer the top or bottom bunk, what you’re hoping to get into, and if you’re looking to host or travel, all with just the simple click of a pic.



Some of the emojis have come under fire for a lack of diversity, while others have been accused of promoting drug use.

Meanwhile, other users feel like they’ve waited a lifetime for a moment like this.

h/t: Pink News

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