Guess Which Iconic Animated Character Colton Haynes Went As For Halloween

And she's got some SERIOUS cleavage.

When it comes to celebrities on Halloween, Colton Haynes is in a class by himself. The Teen Wolf hottie has gone all in with prosthetics and body makeup to transform himself into Little Mermaid’s Ursula the Sea Witch, Shrek’s Princess Fiona, and Miss Piggy.

This year he’s continuing the fictional female theme as Marge Simpson—a rather well-endowed Marge Simpson, at that.

Excited to host @FreixenetUSA 2nd Annual Black Magic Halloween Affair tonight! #ad #BubsInTheClub #FXCava #CavaWeen

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The costume was for Freixenet liquor’s annual Black Magic Halloween Affair. But it didn’t stay on all that long: Haynes later posted a Instagram video with him twerking half-dressed in a pool to “Mi Gente.”

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