Gus Kenworthy Keeps Injuring Himself—This Time It Was His Juicy Peach

“A peach hasn’t been this destroyed since Timothée Chalamet in 'Call Me by Your Name.'"

Snowboarder Gus Kenworthy hasn’t been having the best of luck in PyeongChang: A few days ago, he broke his thumb during practice, posting a picture on Twitter while simultaneously dissing Vice President Mike Pence.

And this morning, the out hunk posted an Instagram showing a severe hematoma (blood clot) on his hip from another injury sustained earlier this week.

Fortunately, the wound didn’t hurt Gus’ sense of humor: He captioned the pic, “A peach hasn’t been this destroyed since Timothée Chalamet in Call Me by Your Name,” referencing the gay romance’s most infamous scene.

Gay Twitter, as it’s wont to do, collectively lost its minds.

His tweet comes just days after Kenworthy kissed boyfriend Matt Wilkas live on NBC, the first same-sex kiss ever aired during the Olympics.

“To be able to do that, to give him a kiss, to have that affection broadcast to the world, is incredible,” Kenworthy said after the smooch. “The only way to really change perceptions, to break down barriers, break down homophobia, is through representation. That’s definitely not something I had as a kid. I never saw a gay athlete kissing their boyfriend at the Olympics. I think if I had, it would’ve made it easier for me.”

Hey, Gus—if you need someone to kiss your boo-boo and make it better, we’re totally available.

Zachary Zane is a writer and activist whose work focuses on sexuality, culture, and academic research. He has contributed to The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and The Advocate.