Swedish Man Offers To Marry Anyone Trying To Escape Trump

For a cool $50,000 this "fine specimen" can be all yours!

A hot Swedish man selling “Swedish citizenship including marriage” on eBay said he’s open to marrying anyone male or female, so long as they enjoy “long walks and Netflix and chill.”

The 30-year-old Stockholm native, Gustav Hallén, works as a photographer, art director, and surf instructor.

In the eBay listing where he offered to marry any Trump-weary Americans for a cool $50,000, Hallén described himself as a 6-foot tall blond in “overall good physical health and a fine specimen,” despite “some weather damages and minor eye problems.”


The listing was quickly removed by eBay due to a policy that bars selling humans, but Hallén told CNN he’s not upset about it because it was a joke—simply “something fun for my friends to laugh at.”

A little secret mission going on #tbt #iceland #dji #canon #picoftheday #aldrigvila #waterfall @johanhallen

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Hallén said he made the listing to lighten the mood on Facebook, since most of his friends were upset and distressed over last week’s election results.

“I set the price so high that I wouldn’t get an offer,” he said.

“It was just for fun. Then I saw a lot of people were sharing it. The best thing was the reaction. People laughed at it.”

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