Guy Pearce Regrets Comment About “Handsy” Kevin Spacey

"I very much understand that it’s too sensitive a topic to be brushed off."

Guy Pearce said he regrets a comment he made about a “handsy” Kevin Spacey on the set of L.A. Confidential.

The actor was recently asked about his co-star in the 1997 movie while speaking with Andrew Denton on his show Interview, calling him “a tough one to talk about at the moment.”

LA Confidential
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Spacey was accused by actor Anthony Rapp last year of making sexual advances on him in 1986, when he was 14-years-old. Since then, dozens of others have come forward with allegations of misconduct and assault.

This month, three more allegations of sexual assault against him were revealed by Scotland Yard. There are currently six open investigations against him in the UK, and he is also being investigated by prosecutors in Los Angeles.

“Slightly difficult time with Kevin,” he said. “He’s a handsy guy. Thankfully, I was 29 and not 14.”

When asked his thoughts on Kylie Minogue, with whom he stars in Swinging Safari, he joked that she was “not as handsy as I’d like her to be.”

Pearce told the Sydney Morning Herald that he “wished to clarify his comments regarding Spacey and that while he was not sexually assaulted, he was made to feel uncomfortable.”

“I very much understand that it’s too sensitive a topic to be brushed off,” he added. “I addressed and handled the situation when it took place, hence my regret at making it public now.”

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