Was Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vaginal “Goop Lab” Ad Inspired by “The L Word”?

Alice Pieszecki is shook!

Alice Pieszecki, fictional talk-show host for the ages, just added an unlikely celeb to her personal fan club—at least, we think so.

On Monday morning, actress-turned-Goop mogul Gwyneth Paltrow unveiled ads for The Goop Lab, a forthcoming Netflix series about her absurdly profitable (and perpetually controversial) new age–y wellness brand. The promo poster for the six-episode saga—depicting Paltrow hanging out in the folds of, yes, a vulva—immediately sparked some conversation on social media.

And reader, Twitter had some thoughts.

Points were made, but we were struck by one connection in particular. Upon further examination of Paltrow’s yonic AF branding, we couldn’t help but wonder if she’d taken a cue from OG L Word protagonist Alice (Leisha Hailey).

Fans of the iconic Showtime series’ new 2019 reboot know that Alice returns to the small screen in Generation Q as the host of Alice, a Ellen DeGeneres–style celebrity talk show. But just take a look at those branded note cards she’s holding.


Suspicious, right?! And we weren’t the only L Word stans whose minds immediately went to Alice: Writer and comedian Cameron Esposito, who recaps Generation Q for Vulture, tweeted out a similar theory, complete with a side-by-side comparison of Paltrow’s Goop Lab promo poster and Alice’s purposefully vulvar Alice logo.

In the words of another boss-bitch talk-show host, what is the truth?!

Who knows?! But maybe we’ll find out on January 24, when The Goop Lab premieres. Until then, have fun photoshopping Paltrow’s likeness onto anything and everything. We know we will.

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