Gym Gays, Here’s What Your Workouts Could Look Like Post-COVID-19

*queues "Physical" by Dua Lipa*

Missing your regular workout facility of choice? Get ready for your first glimpse at what a trip to the gym could look like when things return to normal.

With the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic necessitating social distancing, most gyms around the country have closed indefinitely. It’s a necessary precaution to flatten the curve of COVID-19, which has already claimed the lives of more than 90,000 Americans. But the closures have posed an interesting dilemma for a certain subset of the LGBTQ community: How will the Gym Gays™ get by without those daily trips to the gym?

I jest, kind of. With nonessential businesses in New York City and other hard-hit areas in the state on a government-mandated PAUSE until at least May 28, I’ll live through these videos of workout facilities in Hong Kong, China.

As Bloomberg News reports, the city’s gyms have reopened with new safety measures in place amid a decline in new COVID-19 cases, according to Hong Kong officials.

Those new precautions include glass partitions around treadmills and ellipticals, UV-light sanitizers for phones, and temperature check stations. Gym-goers in Hong Kong are also being asked to sign a declaration of good health every time they enter then gym. Additionally, gyms have closed communal water fountains, banned personal grooming items like hair brushes, and implemented social distancing measures to minimize physical distance between patrons.

And let’s not even talk about how the gays’ beloved steam rooms will probably remain closed long after gyms begin to reopen.

Of course, these measures are a small price to pay to slow the spread of a deadly virus. There’s also no clear timeline for the reopening of nonessential businesses in most of the U.S., especially major metropolitan areas like NYC and Los Angeles.

Until then, remember to masc mask up, stay home as much as possible, and please, for the love of all that is good and gay, steer clear of those cursed “rona raves.”

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