Haim Covers Sheryl Crow “Strong Enough,” Turns Out Insanely Good Performance: WATCH

We are insanely jealous love those Haim girls, Alana, Este and Danielle, and with their debut album, Days Are Gone, set to be released in less than two weeks, we kinda want to make sure you love them too. Seriously friends, these girls are everything.

And this brings us to their cover of Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough,” an emotional and astounding cover of an already emotional and astounding song, that they may have performed a month ago on an Australian radio show, but we just discovered the  other day. Discovered, to be honest, as we found ourselves in yet another Haim rabbit hole, frantically searching for any and all live performances these musical prodigies have turned out over the past few years. So many amazing live performances, in fact, that the readers and festival-attending experts over on NME named them Best New Festival Artist of 2013.

So take a listen above, and get to know the gals we sure are hoping get some Grammy recognition come January.

Or, if music is not your thing, listen to them talk about almost assassinating Marcus Mumford with bootleg fireworks below.

We told you these girls are the best.