Gay Teen Comes Out To Dad On Prom Night In Hallmark’s “The Beginning”


Hallmark Channel has a streaming app called Feeln (we know you saw the commercials for it when you were watching Mariah Carey’s Christmas movie last year), and aside from being able to watch all of Hallmark’s made-for-TV movies, the app also has original shorts.

One of their latest releases is the short film, “The Beginning” which shows a father and his teenage son, Davis, bonding as he waits for his friend, Corey to pick him up for the Prom. But it turns out that Corey and Davis aren’t just two buds going stag to the school dance, they are actually a couple.

Grab some tissues and prepare yourself for all the feels when you see the father’s reaction in this touching Hallmark card come to life.

h/t: Out

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