Let’s All Say Hello To Seth Stewart, Hamilton’s Dishy New Thomas Jefferson

A star is born.

Javier Muñoz has been owning ever inch of the stage in the runaway Broadway hit Hamilton, where he replaced Lin-Manuel Miranda as the lead in July.

But “the sexy Hamilton” has some new competition on stage, in the form of Seth Stewart, who has just been announced as the new Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette.

Stewart replaces the also-comely Daveed Diggs, who won a Tony award for the dual role this year.

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In the musical, Jefferson is a bitter political rival of Hamilton’s. The Marquis, on the other hand, is a flamboyant revolutionary and one of Hamilton’s close allies.

Speaking of allies, Stewart worked with Miranda on In the Heights, where he originated the role of Graffiti Pete.

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He’s been in the Hamilton ensemble cast since the show debuted and has played Lafayette/Jefferson at various performances after Diggs left, alternating with Andrew Chappelle.

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He also has cred as a backup dancer—having performed with Madonna on her “Re-Invention” tour

Could he BE more adorable?

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His cast mates love him, too.

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And he’s got swagger.



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