Happy 26th Birthday, Jinkx Monsoon! Here’s Why We Love You.


Happy 26th birthday to the tangy and inimitable Jinkx Monsoon, a.k.a. Jerick Hoffer, who won the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race in what I’m calling an undisputed victory. (I love Alaska Thunderf*ck, but Jinkx’s Yma Sumac lip-sync sealed it.) Let’s celebrate the 26th year of Jinkx with a quick list of reasons we love the daffiest Little Edie impersonator on Earth.

1. Um, all these season five moments.

2. The fact that she almost chose to imitate Maggie Smith and Helena Bonham Carter instead of Little Edie in Snatch Game. And that would’ve been awesome too.


We interviewed Jinkx after she won season five, and she told us that Little Edie wasn’t her first choice for Snatch Game.

“Originally, my plan was to do Anna Nicole Smith. I do a stellar Anna Nicole Smith. But I felt it was very sad when Anna Nicole passed away, and I was sad because she’d become this kind of clown character, and we were kind of discrediting what her life had looked like. To do a big joke about being the eccentric mess she was, it’d just be poking fun at someone who recently passed away due to her eccentric lifestyle. It felt like it was too soon. But these other answers are less think-y. I was almost going to do Maggie Smith. I was almost going to Helena Bonham Carter. She’s such a huge icon to me. I see everything she’s in. I love her body of work. I think she’s a brilliant actress and so transformational. She’s kind of what I aspire to be as an actor, able to do anything. Really, basically I wanted to do something with an eccentric voice. I have a thing for capturing what’s unique about a person’s voice. That’s why I thinking about someone with an accent, a lot of British people. I also thought of Edina Monsoon from Ab Fab, which is actually where my namesake comes from, but I thought it’d be weird to do a fictional character, so I left it alone.”

3. She killed “I Dreamed a Dream.” Killed it.

4. She can do vulnerability. 

5. She gives amazing face. 



Happy birthday, Jinkx! May you live forever in a crumbling estate with Jackie Kennedy’s bizarre extended family.