What’s Birthday Boy James Franco’s Greatest Moment?

Give yourself 127 seconds to pick James Franco’s best moment.



James Franco is an intriguing specimen, and not only because he’s proven he cares about gay representation in movies, but because his career is varied and distinct. He began as burnout hunk Daniel Desario on Freaks and Geeks, wooed us in the TV movie James Dean, enjoyed a mainstream breakthrough in the Spider-Man films, and eventually won major acclaim for his roles in Milk, 127 Hours, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. His stints in academia and Academy Award-hosting are also pretty interesting, admit it.

So today, on his 35th birthday, I ask you: What’s his greatest onscreen moment?

Accept no substitutes: The last episode of the one-season wonder Freaks and Geeks gives Franco’s character a great conclusion: He ends up playing Dungeons & Dragons with the square kids and declaring himself “Carlos the Dwarf” triumphantly. Though my favorite character on Freaks will always be the combative Kim Kelly (Busy Philipps), Daniel Desario is a close second thanks to his unexpectedly significant, yet believable arc.

What’s your favorite J.F. moment? Besides the fact that he led the way for the sexy, nefarious Dave Franco?