Happy Birthday Jesse Tyler Ferguson! Here Are 10 Other Gingers We Love

Jesse Tyler Ferguson turns 38 today, and the Modern Family star is celebrating a great year filled with milestones, including his show’s continued success (four consecutive Emmy Awards for Best Comedy Series), his Tie The Knot Foundation is till going strong, and most importantly, he married longtime boyfriend Justin Mikitas back in July.

While we celebrate Jesse Tyler’s continued success, let’s pay tribute to some other famous redheads we love. Here’s just a small sample of the gingers who snap!


One of the busiest stars in the heavens, Benedict will see his profile raised even further with the return of Sherlock and his role as Alan Turing in next year’s The Imitation Game.


The self-proclaimed “Gingerbear” is one of the favorite models from our Daily Briefs, and according to his Twitter Page, he’s also a “Dancer, Chemist, Gardener, Gym Bunny, Lover!” And if you google him, you’ll see he has one hell of a Bunsen Burner.


One of the greatest of all the X-Men, she got to bang both Cyclops and Wolverine, and as Phoenix, she was the original Fire Crotch.


The hair apparent to Mick Hucknall, English musician Ed spent most of this year touring as the opening act for Taylor Swift’s Red Tour, and somehow survived the backstage debauchery. Look for him to hit it huge when his new album is released early next year.


The former “Wild Child” of The Royal Family has calmed down in the last few years (except for the occasional naked hotel romp), and word is he may be getting close to an engagement. Does this mean he’ll stop being the fun royal?


Like his Harry Potter co-stars, Rupert is trying to move on from that iconic series, taking roles in the World War II film Into The White, and will truly expand his horizons as Cheetah Crome in CBGB.


The original video music vixen, Tawny got her start in the softcore epic The Perils of Gwendoline and starred in the low budget classic Witchboard, before becoming a hot mess and tabloid star.


Seth has been acting since he was ten, appearing in such films as Hotel New Hampshire, Radio Days, and Big Business, before successfully making the transition from child star, most notably as Oz in Buffy. He’s now starring in the ill-fated sitcom Dads, but he’ll always be our beloved Joker in the Mass Effect games.


Who didn’t love this “English television and theater star,” who would grace our screens with her deep voice and flaming hair? Of course, none of us know who she was, but just saying the name Rula Lenska made us feel … classy.

Lion O

For a cartoon hunk, Lion O always made us feel like a Thundercat Ho. If he’s not played by Seth Fornea in the big budget live-action epic, there’s no justice.

Okay, your turn! Who are your favorite redheads?

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