Happy Birthday, Kathy Griffin! What’s Her Funniest Line?

kathy griffin3

Happy 53rd birthday to the woman who holds the record for (wait for it) the most televised standup specials, the divine Kathy Griffin. She’s been a sitcom actress, a Bravo reality star, a Levi Johnston date, a Celebrity Mole champ, a leading Ryan Seacrest critic, and most of all a hilarious and knowledgeable ally to the gay community who has always, always represented. There was once an article on Kathy that called her “Dorothy Snarker,” and I can’t think of a more fitting sobriquet: She’s not just funny in a broad, vulgar way; she is downright witty and insightful. Her memoir Official Book Club Selection is juicy and compulsively readable, and I just accidentally read six pages between sentences of this post.

Let’s celebrate with a query: What’s her funniest line?

My answer changes from day to day, but for right now I’ll go with one of her old, old standup jokes. It was back when Farrah Fawcett was still alive and a little bit nutty, and Kathy had the following observation about Farrah’s reality show Chasing Farrah: “The problem with Chasing Farrah is you catch her and realize she’s just a dumb drug addict.” Ohhhh, how I laughed.

Please watch this clip of outtakes from the pro-Obama PSA she recorded with Cher. She harasses Cher about reading cue cards and says — like the sick superfan she is — “This is just like your audition for Come Back to the Five and Dime.” That’s deeper Cher knowledge than most have, people. Respect it.