Happy Birthday Sting! What’s His Most Underrated Solo Single?

Was there ever a time when Sting wasn’t a part of our lives?

For 35 years, with The Police, and then solo, Sting has been there. He’s given us classic songs about stalking (which people hilariously misunderstood and played at their weddings), classic lyrics about books by Nabokov, the only top 40 song to feature the line “A humiliating kick in the crotch,” and he was the only interesting moment in a dreadful film.

His solo career (which has lasted almost 30 years) has had its up and downs, but he remains one of the elder statesmen of pop music. He’s had plenty of top ten hits, and also some singles that should have done much better. What’s your favorite underrated Sting solo song? Mine comes from his best solo album Ten Summoner’s Tales, which featured his Grammy-winning “If I Ever Lose My Faith.” But I prefer the second single “Fields Of Gold,” a gorgeous, shimmering ballad that only reached #23 on the chart in 1993.

Of course, this is a very close second.

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