Happy Birthday To Stanley Tucci, Who Is Still So Hot


Happy 53rd birthday to Stanley Tucci, who started out his career playing Italian-American tough guys but is probably best-known for his roles in nuttier Meryl Streep fare like The Devil Wears Prada and Julie and Julia, not to mention his Oscar-nominated turn in The Lovely Bones. He was also gay and jilted in Burlesque, which I hope you all remember.

And more importantly, I hope you remember he is so damn hot.

Here are my favorite five examples of his legendary hotness.

#1: This Levi’s ad where he is scorching.

2. Right here. Oh yes, right here. (I think it’s from his short-lived CBS series 3 lbs.)

3. This awesomely gaudy getup from Shall We Dance


4. This magazine cover, oh yes yes yes.

young tucci 3

5. And oh yes, this still from Undercover Blues.


Happy 53 to Miranda Priestley’s unflappable second banana! What’s your choice for Tucci’s hottest act?