“Happy Endings” Finale: John Mac N Cheese

Max doesn’t take to being excluded, and meet the third Kerkovich sister.

In the first of this week’s episodes, Jane and Brad try to exclude Max from their tennis club. And Penny’s mom and Dave’s dad decide to adopt a baby.

Favorite Moments:

“Max, you look like John McEnroe’s fat cousin … John Mac N Cheese”

“Are you scared, Arthur Ashey?”

“They’ve got the original Small Wonder robot on loan from Crispin Glover.” That may be my favorite line of this entire series.

I hope I wasn’t the only one who instantly recognized that the song playing during the tennis match was “Playing With The Boys,” by Kenny Loggins, from Top Gun

“I thought you’d be going to Eyes Wide Shut parties, or hunting people for sport with Tommy Hilfiger or whatever rich people supposedly do.”


In the series, oops, I mean season finale, Jane and Alex attend the wedding of their sister Brooke, who is even more Jane than Jane.

Favorite Moments:

“I can’t believe Jane and Alex have an older sister. I mean we never see her. Never talk about her. She never shows up in any of your flashbacks.” “Flashbacks?” “That’s what Jane and Alex call their photoalbums.”

“You must be black … Elliot.”

“You’re a woman. You should know what part of the butt the baby comes from.”

The final moment, with the cast joyously dancing. It was a sweet way to end the series … I mean season.

What did you think of last night’s episodes?

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