“Happy Endings” Releases Unused Jokes, So Pour A Whore’s Bath And Prepare To Laugh, Cry

We have  lost our best friends. And Dave.

We have lost our best friends. And Dave.

Happy Endings writer Jason Berger was kind enough to leave all us bereft fans of the cancelled ABC comedy one final gift last week, when he tweeted out some of the show’s unused jokes. Jokes that we will sadly never hear delivered, and there will be no more laughter.

So, like we said kids, fix that Whore’s Bath good and strong, and read below to learn about Max’s time on the British show Extras,  somehow see a few more Kathryn Bigelow name jokes (When can you ever have enough though, really?), and, for the last time ever, look on as Penny calls herself a sexually vibrant woman.

You truly are Penny. You truly, truly are.

We should also mention the cast seems to be doing quite well despite all this cancellation BS, with Alex (Who plays Elisha Cuthbert in real life) getting married this weekend (Don’t worry, not to Dave), Casey Wilson landing a role in the hugely funny Drunk History, Adam Pally filming the upcoming comedy Search Party alongside hotties Alison Brie, Krysten Ritter (Another ABC victim), and Shannon Woodward all summer , Damon Wayans Jr. shooting the films Someone Marry Barry and Let’s Be Cops, and Eliza Coupe releasing another awesome “Frenemies”  short you can see below.

We assume Zachary Knighton has been busy trying to break up Elisha’s wedding the past few months, unsuccessfully we now know, and will soon be everywhere as well. And what of Stephen Guarino, Max’s gay best friend and homo slo-mo gym aficionado you wonder?  Why you can see him right here on Logo’s new Vine soap series, “The Vines of Sauvignon Blanc.”

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