Let Me Die A Nun

Hari Nef and Ana Lucia Fabrega Make Religion Funny And Sexy In “Let Me Die A Nun”

A hilarious and queer update on the nunsploitation films of the '70s.

Stand-up comic Ana Lucia Fabrega falls hard for trans model-actress Hari Nef in the new web series Let Me Die A Nun from out writer-director Sarah Salovaara.

“It’s about a lesbian nun and her Jewish stalker, and I envisioned it as a revisionist take on sexist nunsploitation films, as well as a satire of the John Cusack suitor-stalker in ’80s rom coms,” Salovaara told NewNowNext.

Fabrega stars as the postulant who is crushing on Transparent’s Nef. The two found immediate chemistry.

“[Nef’s] so charismatic and charming,” Fabrega said of her co-star. “Acting seems effortless to her.”

Fabrega was intrigued by the series’ take on the conflict between religion and sexuality, and that this would be her first time playing a queer character. “I felt for Ursula, and I wanted to put myself in her shoes,” she said. Fabrega also noted that “everyone involved—both behind the scenes and in front of the camera—was either part of the LGBTQ community or non-white.”

“I also think [audiences will] like that the series doesn’t portray sexuality as a black and white thing—there is a lot of gray areas, and I think this series captured that.”

Watch the trailer for Let Me Die a Nun and catch the entire six-part series on Vimeo now.


Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.