“Harry Styles Is Gay” YouTube Flame War Video Is Epic Brilliance: WATCH

Can we just admit once and for all that older British actors make everything brilliant? Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart could probably read a passage from Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue and make it sound like The Audacity of Hope.

Harry Styles kisses comedian James Corden for British TV.

Harry Styles kissing comedian James Corden

In the above clip, from satire site Dead Parrot, two stentorian thespians from across the pond re-create an epic flame war that began when one YouTube commenter declared she had proof that Harry Styles of One Direction is gay.

Crafted like a scene from the Guy Ritchie movie, itconfirms our belief that old English actors are amazing. It also confirms our belief that tween girls are more vicious than Genghis Khan.

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Declares producer Adrian Bliss on the clip’s YouTube page:

YouTube comment sections can sometimes make you question humanity, so to cheer you up we’re bringing you dramatic reconstructions of some of the best comment wars.

This time it’s between ’Sophie Danze’ and ’Jilianlovesthebeibs’ on “One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful.” Enjoy and why not start your own argument in the comment section below.

That’s veteran actor Eryl Lloyd Parry telling Grahame Edwards to “Go eat a shit,” by the way.

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