Harry Styles Is Kissing Dudes Again, Sadly Still Not Gay


That Harry Styles is quite the ladies man, having, at the wee age of 19, dated Taylor Swift, two really pretty British girls we have never heard of and therefore assume are “presenters” (Caroline Flack and Lily Halpern), and, according to reports, is currently getting it on with the world’s greatest pair of eyebrows, model Cara Delevingne. Yet though his love for the girls is strong, Mr. Styles has no problem getting, or giving, a little lip action from a dude.

And earlier today, Styles, who has playfully puckered up to actor James Corden, One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik,and, according to some, more seriously puckered up with his 1D pal Louis Tomlinson, made one young gay (we know it’s an assumption, but come on) in Adelaide the happiest boy in all of Australia, with a sweet little peck on the cheek.

Take a look at the endearing photo above.

Also, isn’t it weird to think that this dude is almost the exact same age as The Biebs? Just way, way cooler, and probably far more fun to go out with.

h/t: Ocean Up