Louis Tomlinson Responds to One Direction Gay Sex Scene on “Euphoria”

"Louis was unusually nervous ... when he felt the press of Harry’s body from behind."

The new HBO series Euphoria has already made headlines with its penis-filled locker room scene, and now it’s getting One Direction fans all hot under the collar.

In the latest episode, “Made You Look,” Kat (Barbie Ferreira) becomes internet famous for “The First Night,” her 7,000-word slash fan fiction in which she imagines bandmates Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson hooking up backstage before a One Direction concert.


Not only is the encounter narrated by the series’ main character, Rue (Zendaya), but it’s also brought to life in an anime-esque animated sequence.

“Louis was unusually nervous—his mouth was dry, palms sweaty when he felt the press of Harry’s body from behind,” Rue narrates. “Harry can sense the nervous tension running through Louis’ stiff body.”

It didn’t take long for Directioners to take to social media, wondering if Styles or Tomlinson had approved the graphic depiction of their fictional affair. Tomlinson responded and unsurprisingly revealed that no, he did not give his blessing for Euphoria’s animated scene:

Either way, we are pretty sure some Directioners were happy to see their Larry Stylinson fantasies brought to life on screen.

Penises? One Direction gay sex? Euphoria is only three episodes in, so we can only imagine what the rest of Season 1 has in store!

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