Harvey Milk “Would Not Be Surprised” Donald Trump Is President

Today, May 22, marks the ninth annual Harvey Milk Day.

Today, May 22, is Harvey Milk Day, a day to honor and remember the trailblazing LGBT rights leader who was assassinated 40 years ago.

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Harvey’s nephew, Stuart Milk, is following in his uncle’s footsteps by being an LGBT human rights activist and political speaker. To honor Harvey Milk Day this year, the Harvey Milk Foundation, co-founded by Stuart, teamed up with Stolichnaya vodka to release a limited edition Harvey Milk bottle of vodka, and Stoli will donate an-as-yet-determined amount of the proceeds to the foundation.


The limited edition bottle is a part of Stoli’s “Raising the Bar” program, the brand platform dedicated to the LGBTQ equality movement.

At a recent soft opening launch event for the new bottle at New York’s Stonewall Inn, NewNowNext spoke with Stuart, and asked him what his uncle would think of politics today:

“My uncle wouldn’t be surprised that Donald Trump is President,” Stuart said. “I think he would be as disappointed as we all are that ultra-nationalism has taken over, but we have seen that in most of the world, including my uncle’s state [California], we saw that, so I don’t think politics would surprise him today.”

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Stuart did think that if his uncle were still alive he would be “pushing us to do more.”

“Two thirds of the world live where LGBT people people don’t have any type of acceptance, socially or legally, so we still have a lot more work to do,” he added.

A new mural of Harvey by Paraguayan artist Oz Montania, the same artwork featured on the limited edition Stoli bottle, will be unveiled May 22, at the corner of Market and Castro streets in San Francisco’s Castro District.

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