Hasan Minhaj: “I’m So Glad That I Can Make Your Bussy Quiver”

The "Patriot Act" zaddy reads your thirstiest tweets.

Hasan Minhaj still has much to learn, and his gay fans are more than happy to teach him.

The host of the Netflix series Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj recently sat down for Buzzfeed to read your thirstiest tweets, some of which are too filthy for him to finish.

“I just wanna ride Hasan Minhaj’s dick off into the sunset,” wrote one male admirer, causing Minhaj to throw the printed tweet on the floor in embarrassment.

“Hasan makes my bussy quiver!” tweeted another. “So fucking sexy.”

When told that a “bussy” is “a man’s butt,” the comedian says, “Oh, I thought they misspelled… Hasan makes my butt quiver? Okay, I’ll take that. Alright. I’m so glad that I can make your bussy quiver. I’m learning a lot today.”

“This has all been a learning experience for me, because I just recently found out that millennials are really into eating butt,” he says. “Millennials, we have to figure out climate change and not getting hand, foot, and mouth disease because we’re all apparently out here eating ass.”

Has this zaddy’s “brown-skinned sex appeal” left you no choice but to stan?

Watch and quiver below.

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