Is It A Hate Crime If Gay People Get Killed In A Horror Movie?

"I mean, we are murderers. But we’re not Mike Pence."

What happens when a scream queen is a queen?

“Social Justice Strangers,” a new video from LGBT sketch comedy YouTube troupe Enemies of Dorothy, spoofs the recent slasher flick The Strangers: Prey at Night, a sequel to the 2008 horror film The Strangers.

In the clip, a home invasion hits a snafu when three creepy killers discover that their bound victims are actually a gay couple.

“Is this a hate crime?” the masked murderers ask. “I thought they were roommates.”

“We want to torture and kill you,” the killers explain. “I mean, but, you know, with the current political climate…”

Enemies of Dorothy

“I mean, we are murderers,” the cisgender straight guy mansplains. “But we’re not Mike Pence.”

“You can’t murder us because we’re gay?” asks one annoyed victim. “There’s nothing more progressive than killing us indiscriminately. What the hell do you think equal rights even means?”

The crime is further complicated when a victim threatens one of his attackers, who happens to be an Asian-American woman. “I can’t commit a hate crime,” he insists. “I’m gay!”

“Oh, sure, buddy,” she says. “Yeah, try to tell us how hate against women and Asian-Americans isn’t alive and well in the gay community!”

Watch things get stranger below.

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