New Dating App Matches Singles Based On What They Hate

Hater wants to help people find love through mutual disdain.

A new dating app has arrived to find you a soulmate who hates all the same things you do.


The app is called Hater and as its name suggests, it’s built to make connections between singles over things they absolutely abhor. So, if you can’t stand movie dates, slow walkers or country music, the app will sync you up with someone who shares your loathing.

But it’s not all about hate. When a user first logs onto the app, they find themselves confronted with a thing (zombie movies, Brooklyn, “building the wall”) and the option to swipe in four different directions to indicate that they love, hate, like or dislike it.


Currently, Hater boasts over 2,500 topics including biting into ice cream, Woody Allen, Twitter, the McRib sandwich, Vladimir Putin, Facebook stalking, The Bachelor, WikiLeaks and tipping less than 15%. And when users get bored answering questions, they can browse through profiles à la Grindr, Scruff or Tinder.

“Online dating has become so monotonous,” CEO Brendan Alper told the Huffington Post. “Everyone just goes through the motions. Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Match. Canned line. Bad date. Repeat. We want online dating to be fun agin. Just like in real life.”

The app is available for download now on the App Store.

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