Trans Woman Finds Compassion After “One Bad Night” In New Hayley Kiyoko Video

The new song is featured on Hayley's third solo EP, "Citrine."

Indie pop singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko perfectly illustrates a moment in the trans experience in a new music video for her song “One Bad Night.”

The video, written and directed by Kiyoko, follows trans activist Erin Armstrong as she walks down a Los Angeles sidewalk while facing a constant barrage of violent interactions.

After Armstrong is poked, prodded, humiliated, and eventually pinned to the ground by two men who repeatedly punch her in the face, she’s eventually rescued by the video’s hero, a young man who fights off her attackers and drives her to a diner for a late night meal.


In one of the video’s more powerful moments, Armstrong opens her eyes for the first time since the attack and finds herself in the passenger seat of her savior’s car, her hair blowing in the wind.

“It’s that moment when the wind is blowing in your face, and for a split second you feel hopeful or content and that you are going to be ok,” Kiyoko wrote on Twiter.

Asked what she wants people to get out of the video, Kiyoko added: “Human compassion. To look out for one another. And to find hope in humanity.”

Best of all, the video even has a Stranger Things-style poster:

“One Bad Night” is featured on of Hayley’s Citrine EP, which is available now. Check it out the new video below:

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